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I love airshows! And, like most people who attend airshows, I enjoy the spectacle of a Blue Angels or Thunderbirds performance.  I usually shoot several hundred photos at an airshow but not all are of planes in flight. T hese two gems show that there are other things to consider for a shot list besides what is going on in the sky. First, the top image is a shot of Patty Wagstaff and Skip Stewart ... both veteran airshow performers. Patty Wagstaff is an aerobatics champion and aviation legend. They had just flown a thrilling duet routine in their individual aircraft and are in the process of self-critiquing their performance. This photo provides a candid look into the level of detail that such performances demand and a portrait of two professionals taking their work seriously.  The lesson here is to hang out near the flight line where the performers are located, be patient, and look for opportunities. I would venture to say there were at least 50,000 photos of the featured Blue Angels p